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Our Office: 5315 Tulane Dr, Suite D Atlanta, Ga 30336

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Expert Pouch Packaging Specialists

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Contract Packaging since 1992

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Our Warehouse: 5315 Tulane Dr, Suite D Atlanta, Ga 30336

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SealPak Associates Incorporated:

Sealpak Core Values:

  • Service to the client above all else
  • Hard work and individual productivity
  • Never be satisfied, strive for perfection
  • Excellence in reputation, being part of something special

Incorporated in 1993, Sealpak has grown to meet the pouch packaging requirements of a wide spectrum of industries over the past 20 years. Our clientele are leaders in their respective markets and we like to feel that our skills and expertise in delivering quality product on time have contributed to their success.

Growing with our clients' pouch packaging needs over the years, Sealpak has expanded our capabilities from the original 2 Bartlett production lines to 6 lines in addition to a multi-lane vertical packaging machine for high-speed sample pack, sachet, and towelette pack production. In addition, Sealpak can blister sample pack pouches for retail sales and shrink wrap displays.

Our capabilities and expertise in pouch packaging include pastes, gels, free flowing liquids, waxes and single towelette packs. Sealpak specializes in liquid pouch packaging and cosmetic pouch packaging.

Bob Case, our president and founder, brings almost 30 years of contract packaging experience to Sealpak after serving as plant engineer and maintenance supervisor in both the food and non-food contract packaging industries. After working in the high-volume production industry for many years, he saw a need for smaller companies to access the cost benefits of pouch packaging. Over the years these small companies have grown and Sealpak has grown with them. Now we have the capability to meet the needs of both high and low volume production.

Our Production Manager, Mike Jenkins, also brings decades of experience to Sealpak. Mike has been involved in production his entire career and is a licensed Master Electrician. Mike manages the pouch packaging production on a daily basis, ensuring that only quality sample pack product leaves our docks. The production staff is one of the best. Our machine operators have between 8 and 16 years of production experience with Sealpak. We value this experience and have made every effort to retain this experience. Every sample pack produced is checked for quality as they come off of the machines. Our ongoing training and quality control program are in place to continue quality production.